What's the weight of a 2023 Honda Civic Type R?

The curb weight of the 2022 Honda Civic Type R is around 3,117 pounds (1,413 kilograms).  

Depending on the particular trim level and options selected, this weight may vary slightly.

The Civic Type R is a high-performance version of the Honda Civic that has a turbocharged engine, a sport-tuned suspension,  

and bigger brakes among other performance-oriented improvements.

The Civic Type R is still a very lightweight vehicle despite having performance-oriented modifications, which serves to enhance its handling and overall performance.

The 2022 Civic Type R weighs less than its predecessor, but it also boasts a number of other noteworthy

features, such as a 306-horsepower turbocharged engine, a six-speed manual transmission, and front-wheel drive.