How quickly does the BMW Vision go?  

This article explains how the BMW Vision M Next concept car can reach a 0–62 mph time of 3.0 seconds

a peak speed of 186 mph, and an all–electric range of 62 miles. A four-cylinder gasoline-electric hybrid engine with 600 horsepower serv

as the drivetrain. - BMW Vision boasts a 3.0-second zero to 62 mph speed and a 591 horsepower electric hybrid engine. It can go 62 miles on pure electricity al

and can reach high speeds of 186 mph. With a total system output of 441 kilowatts and 600 horsepower

the powertrain's specifications are rather outstanding. The latter enable it to attain a top speed of 186 mph  

With its next-generation concept powertrain, this remarkable automobile boasts exceptional performance, boasting  

it struggles to compete with the mid-size Palisade when it comes to off-road performance.